The late Mr. George Herman Mauchle a Swiss hard working man started the farm more than five decades back together with his family. In the year 2000 he decided to share his beautiful farm with all of you by building the amazing cottages that you can all visit and enjoy. Over the years Swiss Farm cottage has been well renovated and a place peaceful and of fascinating scenery.


Fifteen (15) kilometers North East of the town Lushoto, 1720 meters above sea level, nested on the foot of the forested Mount Mhande, lies our farm and well furnished cottages in store for you to discover.


Our district is rich with heavy green vegetation, exciting woods and fields to explore, breath taking waterfalls, discover the different species of birds, spot the rare and shy Colobus monkeys, see the fascinating double horned chameleons, experience the fresh air, the quiet streams of water flowing.


We have easy and short walks, and a little more challenging but awarding walks you can take. On a lazy day rent out a car to take you on a full day trip or less, as you relax, at the same time appreciating the Usambara beauty.