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Swiss View Point

A great tour, this hike departs from your chalet doorstep  walk through our neighbor village

activities 18,00 $
Mount Mhande

It’s the Swiss farm home ground mountain not far away from your chalet door.

activities 15,00 $
Colobus monkey
Maweni forest

Hike to a small stream with crystal cool water in the dense of a small forest with indigenous trees..

activities 20,00 $
Mkuzi waterfalls

Beautiful and natural...

activities 15,00 $
Irente View Point

From the famous Irente view point you see the Mazinde village..

activities 20,00 $
Irente and Yoghoi View

From the famous Irente viewpoint & Yoghoi view you see the vast maasai plains..

activities 20,00 $
Kwamongo growing rock

famous for its multicolored butterflies

activities 25,00 $
Magamba forest
Magamba rain Forest

Explore indigenous & dense rain forest

activities 20,00 $